Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sculpting A Female Figure Sculpture in Clay post 4- Spot the Difference: Gesture

This is post 4 documenting a work in progress. (Read Post 1: Figure Armature)

Another session with the model sculpting the female figure from life. I also spent some time in between sessions making small adjustments to the pose to increase the rhythm.

Spot the Difference Game!

 See if you can notice what has changed in the Before/After pics below, and if you can guess how that improved the sculpture:

(don't cheat by scrolling down!)

Fun, right?


Here are the main gesture adjustments:

1- Adjusted the tilt of the shoulders to emphasize the opposing tilt of the pelvis (red)
2- Adjusted the tilt of the ribcage and head to create opposing angles and a "s-curve" (green)
3- Adjusted the feeling of gravity by moving the weight bearing leg to be in harmony with the pit of the neck (blue)
4- Twisted the planes of the pelvis, ribcage away from each other to give the torso more of a spiral movement (not easily seen from these front view photos)

Notice how these small adjustments can add up to give the sculpture more movement and life. 

Again, these elements have nothing to do with the surface detail or small forms. Those are the icing on the cake. If the cake doesn't taste good... who cares about the icing ;)

Next post coming soon!!

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