Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Sculpture Foundations Class Program

Every summer at the outdoor events and festivals where I demonstrate sculpture and interact with the public, I find a large number of people are interested to learn about this process, and yet they won't let themselves follow that spark of intrigue. They convince themselves they don't have the time, or are just plain scared that they won't be able to do it. 


I believe that anyone who has enough interest can learn how to draw and sculpt. There are tried and true techniques that will unravel the mystery behind the magic of creating a person from a lump of clay, and they can be learned - like musical scales can be learned to help one compose a beautiful song.

This fall I am launching a newly designed version of my previous classes. This Sculpture Foundation Program is inspired by my own experience with students, and with the traditional atelier training of centuries past. I am very excited to offer this unique opportunity to Victoria. Courses focusing on the human figure and traditional clay sculpture are not currently offered in typical art colleges.

The Foundation Program will start you at the beginning- learning how to really see what is in front of you, how to talk about what you are seeing, and how to form what you see in clay.

In the first course- Level 1: Foundations of Form, through 2D drawing you will learn how to see shapes and replicate them. You then begin the project of creating a large ear using a plaster cast as a reference. Here you learn about multiple viewpoints and how to breakdown the complexity of a 3D object, as well as how to work with clay. You also spend one day with a live model to get an introduction to composition and movement (and because it is fun!) The last day is reserved for life casting- an immediately gratifying process resulting in an incredibly realistic plaster hand cast.

This course is designed as a great introduction to good working methods of sculpture, and will give you a solid foundation to build upon. The next levels begin to focus in on portraiture and the human figure.

You can see the full description of the program on my website here: