Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SITYE work in progress update

It has been a fantastic experience being a part of the Seeing It Through Your Eyes II multicultural project so far! I am about halfway through finishing my pieces for the art show on May 14th.

I have learned so much, both about techniques and processes of creating a sculpture, and also about the different cultures and the individuals who have so kindly modelled for me. Part of the reason I chose to do portrait busts of individuals for this project was so that I could spend time with people from each culture and learn about their experience on a more personal level. Plus faces are so exciting to sculpt!

Here are some in progress shots of a couple pieces:

This is Petra from the Filipino community. She is from the headhunting tribe, and has led a very interesting life! There are a couple articles written about her journey from an orphanage to starting a non profit organization with her husband to help her people back in the Philippines. I'll try and find a link to them!

 This is Domenic from the Italian community. He was one of the performers there, a very bold and enthusiastic tenor singer who got the audience involved with him! I found out that he is also related to me through marriage- what a small town :)

This is Sydney from the Ukrainian community. She was a member of the dance group that performed at the Ukraine Showcase event. Last session she came with her hair french braided as they often do when performing, and it was really fun sculpting the abstract forms quickly. She is going to be wearing a vinok headpiece too! Its been great to hang out with her and sculpt!

This is Niki from the Metis community. She is a strong woman! She is currently studying law and is super active in the Aboriginal community. I'm learning about different customs and beliefs of the Aboriginal people which has been really interesting! She is going to be wearing the traditional Metis sash.

This one is based on myself! I choose to do a self portrait because when I was first asked to participate as part of this project, my first reaction was "I'm not really Portuguese" since I wasnt raised that way. So for me this has been sort of a process of realizing that I am Portuguese (half!)... and it has actually ended up that I will be making a trip with my dad to the Azores islands where he was born and raised! Can't get much closer to roots than that :)